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Welcome to the Crimson Coast Chronicles.

This is a D&D 5E Adventure set in the land of Brixia. The world will be constantly evolving as characters play. Each game will revolve around events that are currently happening in the world. Personal goals for characters can and should be explored along the way.

My play style is a mix of story, good roll play, and fun turn based mechanics for combat. All characters start at level 2 with Max hit points. As you level up you gain levels as normal. Starting stats are 15, 14, 13, 12, 10, 8 this makes it easier for me as all characters will start near the same starting skill level.

The Land of Brixia is fraught with danger in the wilderness and urban landscape. Political intrigue also stokes the fires of war between many factions. As our heroes go on adventures you will often cross paths with members of parties you have adventured with before and new heroes as well.

Interaction between characters is encouraged as good roll play is how you will earn inspiration.

Home Page

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