Crimson Coast Chronicles

The great Exodus
A new beginning

Heavy smoke hangs on the horizon as droves of refugees seek passage on ships leaving for the Crimson Coast city of Skyview. Fear has gripped the locals causing many to leave everything behind. Rumors have spread about Orcs haven taken up arms under the banner of Grumesh lead by one called Murm Goatjaw. Local militia has done all it can to keep order while the noble houses like that of Roaringhorn, make the hard decision to abandon their northern holdings to fortify the south.

You have managed to book passage on one of these ships, The Blue Barnacle. A rather unsavory crew of sailors maintain the ship. The journey to Sunewell is 3 weeks and every day on board has been more uncomfortable than the last. As one would expect everyone is on edge as more rumors spread through the ship like a fever. You decide to talk to some of the people on board since the ship came out of that storm.


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